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The current marketing culture has created a world where time is at an even higher demand than money. It has pushed businesses to hire multiple people and firms to ensure their brand is out into the minds of potential customers, but at what cost does marketing take priority over the passion and energy that could be put into bettering the business itself?

Whether you are working out of your parents’ garage or managing a large-scale industry, your time is invaluable. To us this means you shouldn’t have to keep track of which agency is on top of what. That is why we have created a streamlined operating system that allows you to collaborate with one single agency – JS Consulting. Our services cover all aspects of marketing, database management and technical services at an affordable rate, all in one place.



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Local Knowledge, Global Results

Don’t accept a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to your online marketing. Our knowledgeable team of experts will tailor your site and marketing plan to your individual business and make sure that your brand stands out. We’ll work with you directly and get to personally understand the needs of your business to deliver an impactful message that delivers verifiable results.


I have been working with LFMG for a few months, and I have been extremely pleased with their work ethic, integrity, and above all the results. Not only are they professionals at what they do, but they have insight to my firms specific needs that sets them apart from the competition. They designed a marketing plan that was tailored my law firms needs and expectations. More importantly they take the time to explain the plan make corrections for free when needed. I highly recommend using this company.

Jarrett Benson

I had the opportunity and privilege to work with this company on our website. I would definitely use them again! I would highly recommend them!

Joseph Kieffer

Great company to work with. From getting a domain name and hosting to creating a lasting impression with online consumers, these guys really know their stuff, every step of the way.

Erik Howard

Know Your ROI Anytime

With everyone fighting for clicks and eyeballs, it can be difficult to know if your online marketing is working. We know how to connect your business with your clientele, and we back it up with comprehensive, up-to-date metrics and analytic reporting. You’ll know at a glance how your marketing is performing wherever and whenever you want.